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...while I'm on the subject... [Oct. 18th, 2006|12:29 am]
My Wal-Mart, My Ass!


Here's something that's really bothering me. It's not going into effect until Thursday, but I figure I'm very likely to get screwed here anyhow, because of some statements made by management... well, here goes.

Our state enforced a higher minimum wage rate (from $6.15 to $7.15) starting on October 1st, 2006. Before then, our store's starting wages were $7.00. As a result of the minimum wage increase, Wal-Mart agreed to increase its store base pay rate from $7.00 to $8.25. Of course, any Wal-Mart associate can guess what comes next...

... not everyone is getting the wage increase. Or any wage increase. Specifically, new associates (those who have not been with the company for about a year) will see the $1.25 increase. However, everyone else can expect 'from a quarter to $1.25, unless they've been with the company for a while, in which case they get nothing'. I recently received my performance review for six years of company service -- and when I asked about it, I was cheerfully informed that 'since it's not in the system, you're probably not getting it', and that the store manager would be 'explaining to everyone who didn't get it why not'. So I'm expecting Thursday is going to be grim. Nobody's made it clear exactly who gets a raise or not, except 'those who've been here a long time probably won't get anything'.

The cost of living has been steadily rising in the area (more so than my meager paycheck), and frankly, I'm angry about this whole thing. It's bad enough that they've imposed maximum wage limits on associates -- in short, you can't earn more than $14.80 or so if you're a 'pay class 1' associate. This might have increased with the starting pay increase (they claimed it would, but conveniently didn't mention this bit of wallet rape), but anyhow, the point is, it basically boils down to 'once you hit 15 years of service -- sooner if you were an excellent worker -- you no longer receive raises except via promotion wtihin the company, which is very reasonable because look at all the benefits there are of working here'.

So, yeah. I've been trying to tamp this down, but seeing the article set me off again. It pisses me off that basically, I stand a very real chance of losing two and a half years' worth of my career in raises, and although I'm encouraged to smile and be happy about it, I'm getting very, very tired of being screwed over by the company. Their benefits package is almost nonexistent, and much of their benefits don't even take effect until you've been with the company for several years (3 years is the minimum for getting any of that profit sharing they tout so heavily, for example).

-=sigh=- There's always one or two people at a meeting to seed the crowd of these announcements with 'oh, that's good' mentality ... but more telling is the fact that they're always the only people saying anything positive at all. Most Wal-Mart associates (at my store, anyhow) are aware they're getting screwed, and just aren't sure how much they're getting screwed by or what they can do about it.

From: (Anonymous)
2009-05-09 02:16 am (UTC)

Profit Sharing and work

I got profit sharing in my FIRST year with Wal-MART. I do know what you mean about the silliness around when there is a minimum wage increase. To be fair, they should decide how much more the base pay will be increased by, and then raise EVERYONE by that much. I'm a dept. manager at wally world, and I've been so pro walmart for so long, but I'm just getting so tired. This new inventory management program they want us to run, and noone is on the same page even after a year and a half. And if I get overwhelmed and ask for help, it's "I'm sorry, we're spread too thin." But if I don't ask for help, and they see my HIGHLY (300 bags of one of the dog food's a week, and about that much of the rest of the pet food) consumable area go empty, I get in trouble because I didn't ask for help. I have a very good store manager, however. He runs a clean, friendly store, but of course, he still has to deal with the company policies. Sounds like you have a good venting space here though. I have to say that though I do feel associates SHOULD speak up as one, I agree with the company in that I don't think we need one of the take money from me unions to speak for me. If associates wanted to organize, they should do it among themselves.
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From: (Anonymous)
2010-08-20 02:07 am (UTC)

Re: Profit Sharing and work

Dear Madam or Sir I take offense at your attack on unions, To begin with when Sam Walton was alive he did incoporate allot of standing behind his employees' and making them feel counted and protected. Well that takes us to the present day, Sam's dead and gone and so is his dream. You may be a closet lawyer who can handle his,or her own in a confrontation with managers' who have plotted out how the action is going to come out, there is allot of people out there that could use someone on their side in a disciplinary action. Lastly a union would provide you seniority,which you don't have.
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