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What is this ...?! [Nov. 23rd, 2004|06:32 pm]
My Wal-Mart, My Ass!


[mood |contemplativecontemplative]

The weirdest thing ever happened over the weekend at my store. You know how they are storing pallets of layaway items at seperate warehouses? We have worked out a system where ... this is gonna get pretty layaway specific, so if any of you know layaway you'll probbaly understand better what I'm saying. When the customer calls to put in their 24 hour notice for pickup, we have this little process worked out.

First, we check the location. If it's assigned to warehouse, we let them know to give us 24 hours, and then to call around the same time the following day to see if it's been brought yet. If it's not a warehouse layaway, we let them know that it's here at the store and to come for it at any time.

For warehouse pickups, we then go under the history log and print a slip. This is so that every account will look the same instead of handing the warehouse crew a handwritten list that is different every time. The numbers are clearly printed on it, as well as the name, so there should not be any problems with "Oh, 2389! I thought it was 2384!" Then, whenever possible, we also note what the item or items are to they know what to look for, and what packages.

The pickups and cancellations (also copies printed from the history log screen) are posted in a certain place for warehouse associates to pick up. Most of our communication is done through our department manager and through notes written on the slips we send.

So on Friday, we got a pallet brought back from the warehouse, and they parked it in the hallway outside layaway. One of the items on it was a cancellation, and all the others were active accounts. All together, there were seven items on the pallet. We pulled off the cancelled box and sent it back to stock, and left the rest of the pallet in the hallway for pickups.

And they just sat there. Friday. Saturday. Sunday. Monday. Tuesday.

Finally, my department manager asked me to take all the account numbers down, get the customers' phone numbers, and call them to let them know if they couldn't pick up their layaways by close on Wednesday, we were going to send the items back to the warehouse. Here's where it started getting hardcore odd.

I called the six customers who had items left on the pallet. I left messages with most of them, but at the time I made the calls, I was able to speak to two of them. The first lady I spoke with said that she hadn't called, and she checked with her husband and apparently he hadn't called either. Chalk that one up to a mistake. I left four messages, and the last person I called said that she hadn't called for her pickup notice, either. Hmm.

About half an hour later, the calls started coming in. I didn't call, what do you mean you're sending my items back? I thought I had until December! What's happening? Are you cancelling my account? I had to calm them down and explain that their items had been brought from the warehouse because of a mistake, we had just wanted to check with them before sending them back over to make sure they were not coming to pick them up. >_<

What I really want to know is how almost the entire pallet had been pulled, put on the truck, unloaded, and marked for pickup *by mistake*. Was it the associate who took the call? Was it a problem at warehouse? Did they just pull back the whole pallet the cancelled item was on? Did six different customers who don't know each other tell the exact same story to get out of a pickup they had simply changed their minds on? @_@ It's all so confusing.