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My Wal-Mart, My Ass!
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Yes, welcome to the somewhat less than social community, "My Wal-Mart, My Ass!" As you might imagine, this community is designed to be the ranting ground for disaffected Wal-Mart associates, frustrated Wal-Mart managers, and even customers who aren't happy with the way things are run. So have fun complaining, but first, a few simple rules and notifications:

1) First, and foremost, this is pretty obviously not subsidized by Wal-Mart, or for that matter, any of its competitors, any unions, or any other groups. Any such groups (Wal-Mart, competitors, or unions) who attempt to bend this group towards their own particular uses can kiss off -- well, that, and get banned from the community as well as facing whatever legal rights violations might occur as a result of their actions. I don't like dealing with crap from people, can you tell?

2) This community is NOT for the distribution of private information about other associates, managers, etc. In general, it's probably best to refer to people that annoy you by a pseudonym, if only so they don't hunt you down and sue you for no particularly good reason.

3) If you wish to make a submission to My Wal-Mart, My Ass!'s website, you can do so through this community, with the tag 'Please add to (section)'.

I suppose I'll add more to this as it becomes necessary or I feel like it. Other than that, have fun, and remember: My Wal-Mart? My ass.